Fulton County Fair Horse Show

Fulton County Fairgrounds, McConnellsburg

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Time 8:30 a.m.


Ribbons given for 6 places.

Entry Fee $6.00 per class

1st - $10.00     2nd - $8.00     3rd - $6.00     4th - $4.00

Pleasure Driving Classes

Entry Fee - $10.00 per class

1st - $25.00     2nd - $20.00    3rd - $15.00    4th - $10.00


For more information contact: Jana Malot at 717-571-8637 or email: Negative Coggins is required.



Stock Type Mares and Geldings
English/Hunter Type Mares and Geldings
Draft Horse Mares and Geldings
Adult Showmanship (19 & Over)
Youth Showmanship (18 & Under)
Novice Showmanship (1st & 2nd Year Riders)
Miniature Horse Showmanship
Miniature Horse in Hand
Mule & Donkey in Hand
Leadline (6 & Under)
Adult English Pleasure (19 & Over)
Youth English Pleasure (18 & Under)
Novice English Pleasure (1st & 2nd Year Riders)
Sr. All Day English Horse
Jr. All Day English Horse
Sr. English Pleasure Horse
Jr. English Pleasure Horse
Adult English Equitation (19 & Over)
Youth English Equitation (18 & Under)
Novice English Equitation (1st & 2nd Year Riders)
Hunter Hack (2 Jumps Not to Exceed 2ft.)
Low Hunter Over Fences (Not to Exceed 2’6”)
Miniature Horse Jumping
Miniature Horse Hunter
Mule & Donkey Jumping
Open Horse Trail
Miniature Horse in Hand Trail
Ranch Pleasure
Draft Driving 
Adult Western Pleasure (19 & Over)
Youth Western Pleasure (18 & Under)
Novice Western Pleasure (1st & 2nd Year Riders)
Pleasure Driving
Sr. All Day Western Horse
Jr. All Day Western Horse
Sr. Western Pleasure Horse
Jr. Western Pleasure Horse
Miniature Horse Driving
Mule & Donkey Pleasure
Adult Western Horsemanship (19 & Over)
Youth Western Horsemanship (18 & Under)
Novice Western Horsemanship (1st & 2nd Year Riders)
Youth 50 Yard Dash (18 & Under)
Adult 50 Yard Dash (19 & Over)
Youth Flag Race (18 & Under)
Adult Flag Race (19 & Over)
Youth Barrel Racing (18 & Under)
Adult Barrel Racing (19 & Over)
Youth Pole Bending (18 & Under)
Adult Pole Bending (19 & Over)
Youth Raised Box Keyhole (18 & Under)
Adult Raised Box Keyhole (19 & Over)



AQHA rules apply. NO REFUNDS. Please leave an open check or pay as you ride. Jr. Horse classes must be shown in a snaffle bit or bosal. Jr. Horse is 5 years old and under; Sr. Horse is 6 years old and over. All Novice classes are walk, trot or jog. Novice riders may NOT cross enter into any canter or lope classes.  Exhibitors MUST wear appropriate attire. The show grounds are located at the Fulton County Fairgrounds, 888 Lincoln Way East (Rt. 30), McConnellsburg, PA 17233. Enter at entrance marked “Horse Show”.


“Warning: Under Pennsylvania law an equine professional and equine activity sponsor is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.”





Fulton County Fair Horse Barn Exhibition

Ethics and Rules


1. Check-in will not be before noon on Saturday, July 30, 2022.

2.  Stall assignments will be posted.

3. Stall availability is based upon participation in current fair show, membership in the Fulton County 4-H Horse and Pony Club, and past exhibiting history.

4.  Stalls will be assigned to best fit the size of the horse.

5. Stalls are to be cleaned daily before 10:00 a.m.

6. Animals are to be fed and watered at least one time per day.

7. Animals are to be in stalls during high traffic times at the fair.

8. If animals deposit manure outside of the stall when being moved around the fairgrounds or outside of the stall, the handler is responsible for cleaning up the manure.

9. Each individual is responsible for cleaning the wash rack after their use.  Leave it in better shape than before using it.

10. Animals are to be washed and returned to stalls before the general public enters the fairground.

11. Decorations are to fit the stall fronts.  Stalls are not to be structurally altered.

12. Horses are not to leave the fairgrounds before 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 6.  They are to be removed before 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 7.  Early removal of any animals will be cause for forfeiture of any premiums and restricted exhibition privileges in the future.

13. Upon animal departure from the fair, all manure and bedding material is to be removed from the stall.

14. All soiled bedding and manure is to be placed at designated areas.

15. Each individual is responsible for their own feed pans, buckets, hoses, forks, shovels, wheelbarrows, etc.

16. Exhibitor will use bedding provided from the fair association through the livestock superintendent.

17. Aisle/walkways are not to be obstructed at any time with feed, tack, or any other objects.

18. Fans are permitted but must be secured for animal and spectator safety.

19. Youth that spend the night at the barn must have written parental consent and be accompanied by at least one adult.  If undesirable conduct is determined, parents will be called to remove the youth immediately.

20. No smoking or open flames allowed.

21. Halters and lead ropes are to be readily accessible for each animal stalled in the barn.

22. Emergency contact numbers are to be posted or on file in the fair office.

23. Horses that chew on the stalls or windows will be asked to leave.

24. Any structural damage done to stalls by horses will be repaired at the expense of the exhibitor/owner.

25. Exhibitors are responsible for any injury that a horse may cause to a spectator.

26. Health papers will be presented at check-in and the fair association will keep a copy on file.

27. NO STALLIONS over 1 year of age can be exhibited in the barn.