(Refer to general rules)

Exhibits accepted on Saturday 12:00 noon to 5:00, Sunday, 1:00 to 5:00


1. Major exhibits by organizations should contribute to a better understanding of agriculture or agribusiness, either through their educational value or their promotion of products.

2. A sale of items, in itself, shall not be considered a part of any exhibit.

3. The fair reserves the right to reject an exhibit not in good taste or not of merit in promoting agriculture or agribusiness.


   CLASS                                                                                 PREMIUMS

Open                                                        $ 50.00      $ 40.00      $ 35.00

01   Agriculture

02   Non-Agriculture


03   Agriculture

04   Non-Agriculture


Judging will be based on the following scoring system:


ATTRACTS ATTENTION                                                                              20 points

     Use of color, motion, light, figures. While attention-getting is important,

     the reaction should be favorable.

AROUSES INTEREST                                                                                 10 points

     Encourages additional study. Personal appeal to the type of viewer

     for whom the exhibit was designed.

CONVEYS MESSAGE                                                                                 30 points

     The message should be understandable to the viewer for whom

     the exhibit was intended.

DESIGN AND SCALE                                                                                  20 points

     Attractively use the space provided.

WORKMANSHIP                                                                                        10 points

     Neat, well-constructed for the purposeORIGINALITY                                                                                            10 points