ATV Dirt Drags
For information call Daryl at 717-830-0224.

Drag Race Driver Registration: $15 plus first run.   Additional Runs: $5 each   Pit Pass: $10      

Registration starts at 4 pm. Registration closes at 6 pm. No exceptions-no late entries! Mandatory drivers meeting at approximately 6:30 pm.  Drag Races will start at approximately 7 pm following practice runs.

Drag Racing Area:
All Drag Racing will be conducted on a dirt surface.
Two side-by-side lanes will be marked by a white lime lines and/or traffic cones.
The track will be "worked" to ensure a safe and fair drag race. This may include disking, watering, and rolling the track.
The "Drag Race Track" will be set between 200 feet.

Pit Passes:
All dirt drag racers, pits crew members and associated parties must sign an insurance waiver and wear a prominently displayed pit pass. Pit passes are $10 each and available at the vehicle registration.

**Rules and Classes used are that of the Fulton County Fair Association. General and vehicles specific rules and classes are listed separately below.**


**See ATV  Specific Drag Racing Rules for Additional Rules** General rules apply to every class, all drivers, vehicles and pit crew members in the pits.

1. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITTED ANYWHERE ON THE GROUNDS!   Open or closed container does not matter. This is non-negotiable. Any violation of this rule will lead to racer and pit crew automatically being escorted off the grounds without the refunding of entry fees or pit passes.

2. All individuals planning to participate in dirt drag races must register, pay the entry fees, submit their vehicle to inspection, sign the insurance waiver, and wear "prominently displayed" pit pass. No one is to be in the pit area without signing the insurance waiver, and wearing a "prominently displayed" Pit Pass.

3. All dirt drag drivers must wear shirt, pants and shoes in competition. ATV drivers see more specifications under ATV rules.

4. All dirt drag racing is performed at racers own risk.

5. Safety inspection by officials is required at time of registration. Any decisions by the officials regarding a vehicle participation is FINAL!!

6. All drivers are required to attend driver's meeting prior of start of event.

7. Officials reserve the right to re-inspect any vehicle participating in the event.

8. Excessive loss of liquid on the track or loss of parts is caused for disqualification.

9. Any vehicle that touches the white line, traffic cones, or Jersey Barricades either side of the truck's lane will be disqualified.

10. ANY and ALL rules are subject to alteration by officials for the needs of the event. Officials will attempt to relay any event rule alterations at the driver's meeting prior to the event starting.

11. Failure to observe any and all rules by driver or pit crew may result in disqualification without the refunding of entry fees or pit passes.

12. The use of foul language, arguing with event officials, or other unsportsmanlike conduct is cause for disqualification of BOTH the driver and the vehicle for the event!! Such actions will also be considered cause for being barred from future events.

13. Driver is responsible for the actions and conduct of his or her own pit crew.                                                          
Safety considerations:
1. No speeding or hot rodding in the pit area. Any vehicle in the opinion of "event officials" engaging in "horseplay" or operating in an unsafe manner may be ejected from the event, escorted out of the pit area, disqualified, and barred from future events.

2. Driver must stay with their vehicle while their class is participating. Failure to stay with your vehicle can result in a disqualification. Drivers may not leave the driver’s seat while vehicle is on the track.  Driver will take all directions from the officials while on the track and in the pit area.

3. No one is permitted on track except officials and dirt drag racers. The only exception is: pit crew members are only permitted on track to aid in restarting a disabled participating vehicle.

ATV Specific Drag Racing Rules **See General Drag Racing Rules for Additional Rules**
1. All riders must meet the following safety requirements in order to participate: helmet - goggles - long sleeves - long pants - no holes in any of your clothing  

2. Fully operation kill switch is required.   

3. No passengers are permitted on ATVs.  

4.  Any driver who is under 16 MUST have a consent waiver signed by a parent or guardian. 

5. Rider will be determined age appropriate to machine at officials discretion.

6. No spikes or nitrous allowed.

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