Fulton County Fair General Rules & Check in times. 

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(Refer to general rules)
Exhibits accepted on Saturday 12:00 noon to 5:00, Sunday, 1:00 to 5:00

1. Major exhibits by organizations should contribute to a better understanding of agriculture or agribusiness, either through their educational value or their promotion of products.
2. A sale of items, in itself, shall not be considered a part of any exhibit.
3. The fair reserves the right to reject an exhibit not in good taste or not of merit in promoting agriculture or agribusiness.
CLASS                                                                                 PREMIUMS
Open                                                        $ 50.00      $ 40.00      $ 35.00
01   Agriculture
02   Non-Agriculture

03   Agriculture
04   Non-Agriculture

Judging will be based on the following scoring system:
ATTRACTS ATTENTION                                                                              20 points
          - Use of color, motion, light, figures. While attention-getting is important, the reaction should be favorable.

AROUSES INTEREST                                                                                 10 points
          - Encourages additional study. Personal appeal to the type of viewer for whom the exhibit was designed.

CONVEYS MESSAGE                                                                                 30 points
          - The message should be understandable to the viewer for whom the exhibit was intended.

DESIGN AND SCALE                                                                                  20 points
          - Attractively use the space provided.

WORKMANSHIP                                                                                        10 points
          - Neat, well-constructed for the purpose

ORIGINALITY                                                                                            10 points