​Use the information in the Department sections to fill out the entry form.

All animal entries must submit a completed Vet- Client form. 

​You will need the department and class for all categories on the entry form.

Completing the entire form ensures that your animal is housed correctly and you are in the correct class(es) for showing. If the form isn't completed, you may receive a phone call for additional information. 

 A Vet-Client Relationship Form must be completed and submitted for ALL animal entries as required  by the State Vet. 


Departments 2, 3, 4, 6, & 9 are all open animal departments. Open is for anyone to show.

Department 11 is youth. Youth is any Fulton County resident 19 years old and under. 

Department 10 is 4H & FFA entries.

An animal cannot be cross entered  in Department 10 & 11.